The Basics of Information Partnership

As part of the partnership parties exchange information with their messages, announcements, thereby realising mutual promotion and getting new contacts with the target audience. As an example, publication lists, or the company’s blog on its page in social media. To make information partnership effectively, you must follow a number of simple guidelines. The strategic directions described in the articles are practised on HTP Digital projects, an innovative Manchester-based b2b digital marketing company finding itself on the crest of a wave.

When Less is better

This is the case when you do not cooperate with numerous partners and watch their quality. It may happen that you can not provide the proper positive effect of joint actions with multiple partners, because your audience is not ready to accept immediately a large amount of new information. Such sputtering inefficient for both sides. Select a limited number of partners and run several campaigns with them. Refine your partnership network, gradually taking them out of the game the weak players through analyzing statistics and attract them with new ones basing on researches.

Evaluate the value of each proposal

Make sure that the your partnership bears value to your customers. If the message is irrelevant or has little significance, it will cause a negative reaction of the audience and will not bring the desired leads. For example, in newsletters you may announce the events of our partners – industry conferences, which, as experience shows, are popular among our users. Thus, we provide partners with additional audience, while customers receive a discount on the event or any other preferences.

The right approach

Approach to finding a partner carefully: it will learn the area, accommodation options, weigh the value of his information to your users. Next, referring to the proposal of partnership, right specify your message. Clearly and succinctly conveyed to a potential partner for a benefit from your joint cooperation, show what benefits he will get his audience. Otherwise, your message will be ignored.

The areas of responsibility

When working with a partner clearly stipulate the spheres of responsibility. Agree on terms of contact exchange, specify requirements for materials – do your homework diligently. All the agreements are better be recorded to avoid future misunderstandings.

The contents of the proposal

Before to announce something on the behalf of your partner, study their audience and supply the info in a relevant way. Let’s say you want to attract new customers to your store and the audience with a high probability the partner is interested in your products. But in order to attract them, you should not just talk about yourself and offer some kind of a reward. Learn more about your partner’s audience and its preferences. Perhaps it works discounts can be dismissed in favour of gifts with purchase. Forewarned is forearmed.

Terms of Reference

Request technical requirements from your partner as for placing materials (text, graphics, etc.). This avoids wasting time on both sides. After sending the material make sure that everything is published correctly. If possible, make screenshots and test versions of pages, newsletters, etc. Check your affiliate links in the text and make sure there is no random substitution.