Environmental impact assessment

The worse part of this idea is that not many industries from all over the world are following it completely or in its true sense. It is basically the assessment of the environmental issues which are related to the actions taken by any industry. The overall ways and means of such assessment are easy and it is only done to save the environment completely. The main idea which should be related to this fact is that only negative points are not assessed. The system is applied in such a manner that the positive impacts are also assessed and their concentration is increased. The impact assessment is done to follow the rules and regulations of the governments. It will lead the industry to get a good standing and make sure that the processes are not impacting the environment at all.

The projects of the industries are not small in terms of impact and planning. Careful considerations are very important before proceeding with the impact assessment or else heavy penalties can be imposed. For instance proceeding with VOC removal is a good project but it should not affect the odor control systems for the industry at all. If this is the case the proper assessment is the only way to success and making sure that the project never fails. It is just an example there are many large projects which are only started once the assessment has been completed thoroughly.

Measurement of the impact

The large projects require large resources and therefore it is very important that from the start untill the end each and every step is properly monitored. This will lead to impact analysis and will get the results are positive and negative. In case the assessment report gives a negative impact on any other environmental related process then complete process or project is overhauled so that the working is never hindered once it starts. This will also make the process management easy and effective as different teams and departments collaborate for a single cause. It will also lead to the results which cannot be obtained if only one department is working on the assessment report.

Methods of the assessment

The legislation which is related to the environment is first of all carefully studied and each term is fulfilled so that the work is done in line with the requirements of the government. A pilot project is then run to see the effects. The feedback is then collected so that further improvements are done. It will further aid the process and will make the implementation easy. Once the general requirements are fulfilled and the organization does not run modified plants the project is formally launched.

Offering information

Once the project is successfully run it is never necessary that it will continue forever. The legislation of the government change and it can have a negative impact on the assessment. If this is the case then the project assessment report should be revisited so that the changes can be made. The factor of customization should be embedded beforehand. For instance the change in odour control systems as the facility size increases.