Safety Requirements Landlords Must be Aware Of

If you are a landlord, it is a legal obligation to have all security measures in place regarding fire safety, your property and the people who live in your house. Thus, it is imperative that you know your duties and obligations to ensure complete compliance with the rules and regulations as ignorance can cost you a lot of money.

As a responsible landlord, you should:

Ensure Fire Risk Assessment

The main objective of fire risk assessment is to discover and assess all the potential fire risk to which people are generally exposed and to reduce that risk. Moreover, you need to ensure that people escape safely in case of fire or any untoward event. This can easily be achieved by carrying out fire risk assessment. The task can be carried out by a fire safety personal but you will still be responsible in law.

The fire risk assessment should include:

  • Identifying the people at risk
  • Identifying the potential fire hazard
  • Assessing or reducing the potential risk
  • Record, plan and instruct
  • Review the hazard

Ensure Review of Assessment

The fire risk assessment must be reviewed regularly in order to keep it up to date. If you feel that it is no longer valid or things have changed significantly, it is important to get your property assess again. When changes are required, the person responsible should get the assessment done at the earliest. Good practices ensure that you stay out of any legal trouble.

Keep the Tenants Informed

Signage is imperative. If the case of an untoward event like a fire, it is crucial that people know what action they are required to take and where is the nearest fire assembly point located on the floor. Having clear fire action signs in the building will help people to take the required action sooner.

Fire Detection and Firefighting Equipment

Whenever possible the landlord must:

  • Ensure that his property has all the right firefighting equipment in place
  • Record and maintain the safety equipment
  • Ensure any non-automatic fire-fighting equipment and all the alarms are easily accessible
  • Take all the right measures to ensure safety of the people present on premises
  • Ensure that trained people are present to take adequate measure in case of an emergency
  • Arrange necessary contacts regarding emergency medical care, fire-fighting or rescue work

If due to the negligence of the landlord, something happens, tenants can file a case against him. To get in touch with an attorney, they can search Solicitors Guru database.

Landlords are held responsible for carrying out regular safety check, getting a smoke detector fitted in their property and for a lot more things. As a tenant, you can file a case against your landlord while committing to the no win no fee arrangement with your attorney. According to this arrangement, even if you lose the case, you won’t be required to pay money to the lawyer, because if you don’t win the case, there is no need to pay the fee – if you need more info on that option, read the issue on no win no fee features.